Mar 21, 2017

How to Choose Your Engagement Session Outfits

How to Choose Your Engagement Session Outfits

This month I am talking all about engagement sessions.  Earlier this month I talked about why engagement sessions are crucial and how to choose a location for your engagement session.  Today I am going to give my top tips for picking out outfits for your engagement session.

Brina & Steven – Papago Park Engagement

Number of Outfits

The first question is how many different outfits you will have during the engagement session.  One well thought out outfit is all you need.  But if you want some more variety, you can do a more formal/fancy outfit and a more casual outfit.  I generally advise couple to keep the outfits to two at max.  However, it would be easy to squeeze in a third if you were simply throwing a sports jersey over your casual outfit.

How Formal or Casual?

For your formal outfit I advise my couples to make it one – two steps above their everyday wear.  If you are a band t-shirt and jeans kind of person everyday, then maybe something like a cute summer dress or blouse and a button up shirt with dressy jeans would be nice.  If you normally wear nice blouses/button-up shirts and dressy jeans, wear something like a cocktail dress and a blazer jacket.  You can also think of it as how you would dress up for a Christmas dinner!

For your casual outfit, I would keep it closer to your everyday wear.  Though you will want to make sure you are still wearing the nicer of your casual clothes.  Try to wear some of your newer pieces of clothing so they are not faded or have any holes in them you didn’t notice until you arrived for your session.  Think of how you would dress for a friends casual birthday dinner!

Sedona, Arizona Engagement by PMA Photography


You could wear just about any color under the sun that you choose.  If you plan on using your images for a save the date or engagement guest book, you may want to wear pops of your main wedding color.  Another thing to think about is contrasting the location you have chosen for your session.  If you are going to the desert, avoid wearing tans as they will blend into the background.  Try going with darker or brighter tones so that you stand out from the backdrop.  Or you could just wear the colors that come naturally to you.  If you look in your closet, you should be able to see a color theme for most of your outfits.


Once you have picked a formality for your outfits and colors for your outfits and focus on coordination. For example, if your fiancé is wearing a blue button-up shirt, you can wear a white blouse/dress and accessories with the same color blue.
Kelly & Steven - Superstition Mountain Engagment


I love patterns! The best patterns are simple and limited to two-three colors.  The more colors and the more involved the patter, the more distracting they will be in the pictures.  Try to stick to stripes, polka dots, and simple florals.

Be Yourself, Its Your Engagement Session

Don’t feel obligated to wear heals or a tie just because you saw it on Pinterest.  Be true to your own style and your fiance’s style!  If you guys have different styles, I suggest one of two things.  1. Find outfits in each of your styles that coordinate.  2. Compromise and do something in the middle!

South Mountain Engagement Photography by PMA Photography


Speaking of Pinterest, if you need more outfit inspiration, this can be a great resource.  Check out my Engagement Session Outfit Inspiration board for some more ideas.

Check back in next Tuesday for 5 more tips for amazing engagement photos.

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