Feb 15, 2018

#DateYourSpouse – Reading Date

When my husband and I were dating, we didn’t have a whole lot of money.  We were teenagers both working part time jobs making minimum wage after all.  So most of our dates ran on the cheap end of things.  We spent many nights just walking around the park together.  Didn’t cost a dime.  So another favorite date of our was going to the bookstore.  The cost was gas and maybe some coffee if we were splurging!  Our favorite bookstore was Boarders.  Sadly, they are no more, but we found ways to incorporate reading dates into our life without our favorite bookstore.  In honor of our love of reading, here are some ideas for various date nights involving reading!

LGBTQ couple reading a book and drinking coffee during their engagement session at Jobot coffee shop in Phoenix.

The Bookstore/Library

Yes, they do still exist!  Barnes and Nobel is the first large chain that comes to mind.  But there are also all kinds of used book stores around if that is more of your thing!  In the Phoenix, Changing Hands is one that I hear nothing but good things about.  This is a great option if you want to check out something new!  You can browse around, find a book that looks interesting, and check it out!  Both bookstores and library’s usually have seating areas where you can sit together and stick your nose in a book.  If you really enjoy it, bring it home!  Or plan another date to keep reading it!

Not the biggest fan of traditional books?  Don’t worry, most bookstores and libraries have all manner of books to choose from.  You can get your hands on some graphic novels, or a cooking book to find a new recipe, or a DIY book to inspire your next project, or an art book to look at the beautiful pictures.  Or even magazines!  Personally I was alternating between books on small world religions and The Walking Dead.


Read A Book Together

This is how my husband and I read the Harry Potter series for the first time.  I started camping with him and his family when I was in high school.  Their camping trips involved a lot of time on fishing boats.  To pass the time, I would read out loud while my husband fished.  But you don’t need to be camping or fishing to read to each other.  You can read to each other at home too!  This is how we finished the Harry Potter series.  We would brew some coffee at home, snuggle, and read to each other.   We also enjoy taking turns reading to each other while the other makes dinner.  This is a great option to get through longer books.  (And I always love to hear the difference in how we portray the different characters.)

Close up image of book two coffees.

Share Your Favorites Together

If you are more of a short story or poem type of person vs long novel person, this is for you!  Each of you pick your favorite short story, poem, song lyrics, etc. to share with each other.  And then share about why it is your favorite, how it makes you feel, stories in your life it reminds you of.  This can be a great way to get to know each other even better.  After 14 years of knowing my husband, I can say that there is always something more to learn.


There you have it!  Reading date nights for all kinds of readers.  From the novel consumers to the poem enthusiasts.  Everyone can have a reading date together!

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