Aug 10, 2017

#DateYourSpouse – Doggy Date

Do you love dogs as much as my husband and I do?!  Then why not include them in your date nights?!  Our dogs are truly a part of our family so we love including them in different things that we do.  And that includes the occasional date night.  Here are some ideas on how to include you favorite furry friends into your date!

Dog Friendly Food

There are quite a few dog friendly restaurants or cafes, especially in the downtown Phoenix and Tempe area.  Even if you do not live in those areas, most coffee shops with an outdoor area are more than happy to have your pets hang out with you outside.  Some of them even have dog biscuits or special treats that you can order for your pup!  I know Dutch Bros has the puppuccino!  You can also enjoy any FroYo places with outdoor seating with your pups.  It is totally fine to give your dogs plain frozen yogurt, as long as it is in moderation.


There are so many hiking trails in and around the city that you can bring you pups on.  If hiking is not your thing, there are also many large parks that allow you to bring your dog.  You can spend time together exploring  a new park or new trail with your favorite furry friends.  Bonus, they will come home and take a nice long nap so you can have some uninterrupted time together!

Pet Store

Go to the pet store together!  You can do this one with or without your pups.  Maybe you go in to buy them a special treat or a new toy to surprise them with when you get home.  Or maybe you take them with you so they can help you pick out their new favorite toy!  Either way, the pet store can be a blast.  My husband and I love going in to see the new cute clothes (though I never buy them for our pets) and to look at the cats up for adoption.  But, we are pretty strong willed and only almost took one home once!  Pretty good record for going into pet stores together for 14 years!


One Dogs Date Night On The Town

If you have more than one pup, this could be a great chance to give them some one on one time.  I rarely get to hang out with each of my pets individually when they are at the house together.  But when we take one out, they get all the attention and we get to see all of their little quirks.  Just make sure you are fair and plan a date to take the other(s) out alone as well!


Let Your Pet’s Meet!

If you are not living together and both have dogs, this is a great way to get them used to each other.  If you move in together, you will be merging two fur families after all!  Taking them on outings together will give them time to warm up to each other before you are one family.  You could even do play dates at each other houses!


Bringing your fur babies with you on a date night can be a fun change of pace for your date!  Just make sure you are also spending time together on other dates without your pets.  After all, the purpose of a date is spending time together.  Your puppies are supposed to make it more fun, not take away from your time together!

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