Jul 27, 2017

#DateYourSpouse – Family BBQ

You maybe thinking, why would I want to include my family on a date with my spouse?  I get it, I get it.  But the truth is, anytime you are spending quality time together is great for your relationship.  And, if you are married or soon to be, you are a part of each other’s families.  So, why not spend some quality time together with your families?!  Here are some tips for pulling off a great Family BBQ.


Who to Invite

Family BBQ can mean different things to everyone.  Discuss with your spouse who all you want to invite.  Want to have an a huge party?  Invite your aunts, uncles, cousins, and close friends.  This will surely be an event that lasts most of the day or into the evening.  Or are you looking for a more laid back night at home?  Then just invite your parents and your siblings.  Or maybe just have your parent’s over!


To Pot Luck or Not To Pot Luck

That is the question.  My family has always done things Pot Luck style.  My husband’s family, not so much.  Which makes total sense.  When my family gets together it is usually a large group of people: grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins.  When my husband’s family gets together it is his parents and brother.  So, the first thing you need to consider is the size of the BBQ and if you want to cook for that many people.  The second thing to consider is what the menu will be.


You can have so many different types of BBQ.  You can go standard American BBQ with burgers, hotdogs, and chips.  Or you can do a healthier spin with fresh fruit and veggies on the side.  Maybe you make killer ribs.  Or maybe you want to do a Mexican BBQ with carne asada.  Or maybe your are a hunter and have an some elk or venison you want everyone to try.  Seriously the possibilities of the BBQ are endless.  Pick a theme and create a menu.  And don’t forget about your vegetarian/vegan family members.  They love a good BBQ too!  If you are not sure what to feed them, ask them to bring a veggie burger that you can put on the grill for them.



Nothing says amazing BBQ like some great activities to bring everyone together.  If you have a pool, swimming is always a great activity in the summer months.  Lots of young kids at the BBQ?  You can do pool games with them like Marco Polo or invent some with pool noodles and what not.  If you have an adult crowd and your family is raunchy, Crimes Against Humanity can be a hilarious option.  (I would love to get my grandma to play this one day.)  Or you can choose more PG board games that everyone enjoys, like Mad Libs.  You can also do simple lawn games.  Corn Hole and Horse Shoe are always a hit!

There you have it.  A fun evening enjoying good food, good people, and your spouse.  I really can’t think of a much better way to spend an evening. Want more date night ideas?  Check out my #DateYourSpouse series.

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