Oct 3, 2017

15 Ideas to Personalize Your Wedding

I absolutely love when couples put pieces of themselves and their relationship into their wedding!  I always love seeing the new and unique ways that they personalize their wedding.  Beings it is one of my absolute favorite things, I wanted to share with you some ideas on how to add your personality to your wedding!

Fall Wedding Couple at Superstition Manor in Arizona


Personalize Your Ceremony

1. Write your own vows.  We all know the traditional vows of “to have and to hold”.  Did you know you can still use those vows and write your own personal vows?!  You will read your personal vows and then you will can read the traditional vows while exchanging your rings.

2. Boutonnieres and Bouquets.  You can add a little something special to your boutonnieres and bouquets.  Something like a special charm, a wink to a video game you like, or lego dudes!

Victoria & Alex's Rustic Wedding at Whispering Tree Ranch


3. Hire and officiant that knows you.  This could be the pastor at the church you attend together, your brother who is a pastor, or even the friend that introduced you!

4. Fun programs!  Find fun wedding programs that reflect something you two love to do together.  Do you love the movies?  Make it like a movie poster!  Do you love Harry Potter?  What about a marauders map?  The possibilities are endless.

5. Include your pets.  I love pups at weddings!  They can walk down the aisle with you, be your ring bearer, or wear a cute sign down the aisle!

6. Play an acoustic version of your favorite song when you walk down the aisle.  Maybe it can be something nerdy like the Star Wars or Harry Potter theme.  Or it can just be a non-traditional song done acoustically!  If you want to stay more traditional, you can play this song as you exit the ceremony.



Personalize Your Day With Sweets!

7. Personalize favorites for your favors!  There are so many ways to personalize favors.  You can do a mix tape (cd/usb/etc.) of your favorite songs to listen to together.  Another idea is to do treats of ‘his favorite’ and ‘her favorite’.  Or a blend of your favorite trail mixes!

8. Share family treats!  Everyone has a favorite sweet that their family makes, why not have your family make your favorite treat and share them at the wedding?!  For example: your grandma’s chocolate chip cookies or your uncle’s apple pie.  You can do this instead of cake, serve them during cocktail hour, or have a sweets favor bar!


9. Cake topper.  Oh, there are so many different cake toppers out there and so many ways to personalize them!  You can do your initials or monogram.  Or get cute little figures made to look like you on your wedding day.  Or get a silhouette cake topper with a silhouette of your pets!  Want something a little more unique?  Get a funny phrase or inside joke lazer cut to go on top!

Kara & Osman Schnepf Farms Wedding Queen Creek AZ By PMA Photography

Unique Ideas for Your Reception

10. Engagement Guest Book.  Have an guest book made of pictures from your engagement session!  How much more personal could it get?!

11. Slideshow of your story.  If you two have been dating forever, a slideshow of your love story would be super fun!  If you have only been dating for a short amount of time, do a slideshow of you two growing up and then finally meeting and getting engaged!

12. Fun facts.  Include fun facts about each of you and your relationship in different elements of the wedding.  This could be in the programs, on cocktail napkins, signs around the gift table, etc.

13. Fun photo booth props!  In addition to the standard photo booth props, include ones that signify something you love to do together.  Are you Harry Potter nerds?  Grab some Harry Potter related props for the photo booth.  Did you both go to the same college?  Grab some foam fingers or banners from your college to use!

14. Include printed photographs of the two of you.  This can be anything from photos of you growing up, to photos of you as a couple, or anything else your heart desires!  You can hang the photos from a tree, create a photo board to clip the photographs on, frame them by your guest book, or use them as table numbers.  The options are truly endless.

15. Make fun table names/numbers.  Traditionally you have table 1, 2, 3, and so on.  Why not have some fun with the table names?  You can name each table a place you have been on vacation together or a trail you have hiked together.  If you are a Disney fan, name the tables after your favorite rides!  Bonus, your seating cards can be fast passes!


This list could have gone on for literally ever!  (Seriously.)  I hope this got your creative juices flowing to come up with unique ideas of how to add personal touches to your wedding!  Want more tips for creating an amazing wedding day?  Click here for more Wedding Tips!

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