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Wedding Planners, Designers, and Day Of Coordinators, Oh My

Wedding Planning Tips: Wedding Planners, Designers, and Day of Coordinators

Wedding Planning Tips: Wedding Planners, Designers, and Day of Coordinators

Wedding Planning Tips: Wedding Planners, Designers, and Day of Coordinators

If you did not know that there is a difference between wedding planners, designers, and day of coordinators, you are not alone.  I had no idea what the differences was until I planned my wedding!  The confusion isn’t helped when many of these companies and individuals will offer more than one of these services on a wedding day.  But don’t worry; I am here to help clear up the confusion!


Wedding Planners

These fine people help plan your wedding day for you.  You give them your budget and your wish list and they help you find your vendors and coordinate everything for you!  (It sounds like an episode of house hunters, but for your wedding!)

Your wedding planner helps you make your budget, determine what is important to you on the wedding day, and sets up meetings with the potential vendors.  They will also help you coordinate the timeline of the wedding day and is there on the wedding day to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Wedding Planners are great for couples who have no idea where to start with their wedding planning, don’t have a lot of free time to research and find vendors, or if the thought of throwing a party for 100 people gives them hives.

Wedding Designer

These vendors help with everything pretty on your wedding day!  They will help you choose your wedding colors of theme, creates your wedding vision (centerpieces, altars, aisle décor, etc.), and executes it on your wedding day.  Designers do not coordinate your wedding day the wedding planners do.  They are focused on the visual aspect of your day.  However, many wedding designers also offer wedding planning services.

Wedding Designers are great for couples who love watching shows like Fixer Upper but have trouble executing similar designs in their living room.  On a more serious note, they are great for couples who want their wedding day to look amazing but do not want to coordinate and set up the decorations themselves.

Day of Coordinators

“Day of” is a bit of a misnomer.  These vendors provide day of coordination of your wedding day, but they start working with you about 1 – 2 months before the wedding day.  They gather all the information you have for your wedding and vendors (that you have already selected) and help you from there.  They help you create a timeline, coordinate your vendors, assist with your wedding rehearsal, and oversee the wedding day.

Day of Coordinators are prefect for couples who are comfortable searching for and hiring their own vendors but want someone to hand everything over to on the wedding day so they can relax.  They are also a great option if you want a Wedding Planner, but don’t have room in the budget for a full-service planner.

Bonus Round: Site Coordinators

Site Coordinators are your point of contact with the venue on your wedding day.  Some venues refer to their Coordinators as Wedding Planners.  However, they usually do not do the same tasks as a planner.  Site Coordinators manage the venue staff, make sure deliveries know where to go (this way to the kitchen!), and making sure the venue rules are being followed.  Some venues site coordinators may offer more services that are more like a Day of Coordinator.  You will want to be clear what services they are providing on your wedding day so you can decided if you still need a traditional wedding planner.


There you have it.  Wedding Planners plan everything from start to finish.  Wedding Designers handle the look and feel of the wedding day.  Day of Coordinators provide planning support for the last month of planning and your wedding day.  But remember, most of the planners will offer all three services.

You should now feel more confident navigating the world of wedding planning and have a better idea of what will be the best fit for your wedding!  Want more tips for creating an amazing wedding day?  Click here for more Wedding Tips!

Wedding Tips

Wedding Tips

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