Feb 13, 2018

Product Feature – Wedding Albums

Wedding albums have come a long way since your grandparent’s or even your parent’s wedding album.  The world of digital photography has revolutionized wedding albums into mini books of your wedding day.  (Or not so mini if you choose!)  And if you think wedding albums are a thing of the past, think again!  This will be your first family heirloom.  Digital files are great, but they do not often stand the test of time.  Can you imagine if your photos were on a floppy disc?!  But albums don’t need to be moved to the new fancy technology.  To show your kids and grand kids your wedding photos, you just have to grab your album off the shelf!

With all that being said, albums are one of my most popular print items to be purchased with a wedding!  And I could not agree more with my couples.  I absolutely love designing and delivering their wedding albums knowing that it will be in their family for generations.  So, let me give you a little insight into my wedding albums!

Custom Design

Each of my couple’s wedding albums is custom designed by me!  A few weeks after the wedding gallery is delivered, I send my couples their album design for approval.  Rather than putting together an album with the favorite images from the day, I like to really tell the story of the wedding day.  This is one of he biggest reasons I pre-design the albums.  But, my couples do have full control over their final wedding album.  Though, I do pride myself is saying all my couples approve on the original design or with only one revision!

The process for my couples is so simple!  If they love the album, they just click the approve button.  If they want to swap out any pictures, no problem!  They just click on the picture they want to change and then click on the picture from the wedding gallery they would like it changed to.  About a week later, I send them the updated album and they click approve!  After that, the album is on its way to the printers to be bound and shipped!


Spread Length

I offer my clients different spread size options for their wedding album.  Some photographers do it by number of images.  I choose to do spreads because it gives me more freedom in telling the story of the wedding day through the album.  Below are the common spread sizes I offer and what is roughly included in each one.  What is a spread?  I spread is a full page layout, both left right sides of the page.  The first side/page of my albums are black leaflets.

  • 10 – Just the Highlights: This option really provides the highlights of the wedding day.  Three spreads of the couple’s portraits, one for getting ready, two for the ceremony, one for the bridal party, one for family portraits and two for the reception.
  • 15 – The Wedding Day Story: This option hits all key points of the wedding day activities and gives more pictures from the couple’s portraits.  Four spreads of the couple’s portraits, two for getting ready/details, three for the ceremony, one for the bridal party, two for family, and three for the reception.
  • 20 – All of The Things!: This is the ultimate wedding day option.  This album will be able to tell the story your wedding day while including all the little details you spent your time planning and lots of pictures of the two of you!  This album is really customized to tell the story of the wedding day, but will generally include the following: Five spreads of the couple’s portraits, two for getting ready, one for wedding details, one of ceremony details, three of the ceremony, two for the bridal party, two for the family, one for reception details, and three for the reception.

Sizes and Other Options

I offer 3 sizes for my wedding albums: 8×8, 10×10, and 12×12.  Each has their own strength, and my clients are drawn to the size option that is right for them!  8×8 is a nice small cute album (also very budget friendly).  10×10 is right in the middle, and what most of my couples choose.  This would look perfect sitting on your coffee table or on your bookshelf.  12×12 is a statement piece!  This would also look great on your coffee table or a bookshelf.  It definitely says, “Pick me up, look at me!”  So, again, I have couples with different styles and wishes for their wedding album.  They know exactly which size is right for them!

I offer amazing fabric covers for my clients.  The most popular option is a black on black silk floral print.  I also have a lot of requests for a nice medium grey linen.  I initially offer about 3 – 5 fabric options that are the most timeless.  Though, if my couples ask for a brighter color or a leather option, I have those available too!  I can also do photo wraps for the cover, but I usually suggest the fabric for a more sophisticated and timeless look.

The other option I have for my albums, is to put a custom engraving.  This is usually the couples name and wedding date, but it can be anything.  Maybe there was a special quote from the wedding day they want to engrave.  Or part of their vows.  It is really up to them, as this is their wedding album, and I want it to be absolutely perfect!

There it is: the details for my custom designed wedding albums!  If you would like to add this to your wedding collection, you will not regret it!

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