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Apr 3, 2019

Planning A Few “Days Off”

I just realized that I have not really taken a day off in months. Much less two-days off in a row. When I was working a corporate job, the weekend is when I would do things around the house. And while it is easy for me to pop in a load of laundry while working from home, it seems to take a week for that laundry to get put away. There is also the other “I’ll get around to it” tasks that seem to go undone now that I don’t have a dedicated weekend.

So, I am planning on taking a few days off (once I finish editing my March weddings and sessions) to take care of some nagging things around the house. I am putting this out there so the universe holds me accountable. I will totes post an update after my days off, so you and the universe knows I kept to my word.

Finish The Master Bedroom

In the Fall, my husband and I re-painted our bedroom and installed a shiplap accent wall. On Black Friday we got new bedding, a new cat bed, and I ordered a Night Sky Print to tie in our new color scheme. But, the traction died with the excitement of Christmas, and the room never got finished. Now is the time.

  • Paint a statement piece to hang above the bed
  • Sew accent pillow
  • Change/Paint Fan Blades
  • New pillow cover for Fawkes’ kennel
  • Change curtain end caps
  • New 11×14 frames for pictures
  • New switch plate covers

We also recently decided that we want to change out our table lights for wall sconces. Depending on if we find the lamps we want before then, maybe those will get done too.

The Spare Room

We had a roommate who moved out about a year and a half ago. The room has been collecting stuff since then. It started with my packaging supplies for prints and client gifts. And has now grown to a monstrosity of stuff. It is time to deal with that room.

  • Donation run to Goodwill (or two…)
  • Find home for remaining Christmas gifts
  • Return Office storage items to Office
  • Shampoo Carpets
  • Hang Sun Curtain


Oh, the ever daunting misc tasks. This list is literally never ending for me. I feel like every time I mark one task off, another pops into my head. So, I am just going to choose a couple of the ones that have been most nagging for me.

  • Hang hat boxes for scarf storage
  • Sell old couches
  • Mount and hang picture in bathroom
  • Sage the house

I know I could add a lot more to that list. Like Spring Cleaning the house. But, I know that I have a tendency to set my aim really high and then either not achieving it or being so incredibly exhausted after I do achieve it. So, I am going to leave it here and save the spring cleaning for another day.



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