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June Booking Special: Free Adventure SEssion & Guest Book

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I'm Amber, a Harry Potter obsessed wedding and brand photographer for those who are anything but ordinary based in Phoenix, Arizona.

When I don't have a camera in my hand, you can find me hiking with my husband, snuggling pups, or planning my next Disney trip.






#DateYourSpouse – Carving Pumpkins

The best Halloween treat?  Pumpkin seeds. (Just kidding, it is for sure the candy!)  But I do love carving pumpkins and making homemade pumpkin seeds.  Here is Arizona, it is still pretty warm towards the end of October, so our pumpkins do not last long.  We are usually carving them the day before or the day of Halloween. So, making my own pumpkin seeds lets me keep the magic alive for just a little longer.

Buy Carving Supplies

If you do not have any carving supplies, or if yours are a few years old, go out and buy new ones!  They have added a lot of cool tools beyond just a little flimsy knife for carving pumpkins that you have to check out.  This is also a great time to decide if you want to buy pre-made pumpkin patterns or if you will be doing free-hand designs.  

Pick Out Your Pumpkins

Your pumpkin can make or break your design.  Be sure to get a carving pumpkin as these are grown to have thinner flesh and less seeds/pulp.  This will make it easier to scoop out and carve. You can head down to your local grocery store to pick up some pumpkins for a quick trip.  Or, you can make a date of it and head over to a pumpkin patch to grab your pumpkins!

Carve Your Pumpkins

Lay down your newspaper, get out two bowls (one for seeds one for pulp), and cut open that pumpkin.  Be sure to cut your opening hole at a slight inward angle so that the top does not fall through when you light your pumpkin.  Once your pumpkin is gutted, it is time to let your creativity shine and to carve the pumpkins!

Light Your Pumpkins

The last thing to do is to light your pumpkins and marvel at your masterpieces.  Or giggle at how droopy your jack-o-lantern face it! I do love the novelty of using real tea light candles in our pumpkins.  But, when we decide to leave them on overnight (on Halloween night), we will use an artificial candle. (From afar, you really cannot tell the difference!)  Now all that is left is to roast and enjoy your pumpkin seeds while watching a scary movie!


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