May 1, 2018

#DateYourSpouse – Go To A Concert

#DateYourSpouse date night idea: go to a concert.

Not many people know this, but my husband and I basically grew up going to concerts together.  When I met him in high school, he was a guitarist in a local band, which was actively playing shows.  Add to those to all of the other concerts we were attending and it seemed like we were always watching a band somewhere.  There was one week I remember we went to three concerts!  In honor of the countless nights we spent at concerts, I bring you: Concert Date Night.

The Nile stamp on hand after a concert date night.


If you want to go see your favorite band, you may have to wait a while for this date night.  Or you can see a smaller/local band or artist.  These concerts happen every weekend and even on most week nights!  If you don’t know any local talent, you can ask around to your friends.  Or you can look at the New Times, they always have an extensive list of concerts.

All Day Festivals

Want to extend your date longer than just an evening?  Go to an all day concert!  There are quite a few that will pop up throughout the year in Phoenix and for all varieties of music.  My husband and I attended a fair share of these in our time (mainly Van’s Warped Tour).  If the festival occurs in the summer, remember to stay hydrated!  Drink way more water than you think you need and take some time in the shade and you should be fine.

5 framed prints of concerts and festivals attended on date nights.

Open Mic Night

Can’t decide on who to see?  Or maybe there aren’t any concerts coming up soon.  Or you just want to try something new!  Then Open Mic Night can be a great option for you.  You will get to hear many different artists perform through the night.  And it is usually the cheapest way to see live entertainment.  Just google “Open Mic Night” and your city and you are bound to find a great option.  Don’t drink?  Don’t worry.  There are open mic nights at places other than bars, like the one in Phoenix at a pizza shop!


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