Dec 15, 2016

#DateYourSpouse – Movie Night At Home

Who doesn’t love movies?!  Watching movies has always been one of my husband and mine’s favorite pastimes.  Our first real date was a double date at the movies to see Elf.  (Yes, Elf in theaters, the first time.)  But going to the movies every weekend can be expensive.  So here is how to do movie night at home and have a blast!


#DateYourSpouse - Movie Night At Home


Keep it Simple

#DateYourSpouse - Movie Night At Home

Drive down to your local Red Box and choose a movie together.  Or pick a movie on Netflix that you haven’t seen yet.  While you are out, stop and grab snacks like candies and sodas.  (Hint: Walgreen’s sell Mexican Cokes in the glass bottles, and usually have a Red Box in front of them.)

Don’t forget the popcorn!  My favorite way to make popcorn is in the good old air popper and drizzled with melted butter.  All natural, and all good!  If you don’t have a popper, you can try making stove top popcorn or just throw it in a brown paper bag in the microwave for ‘air popped’ style popcorn.  If you like flavored popcorn, go for it!  Make a few different flavors to munch on during the movie.  Or if you want to get really crazy, make kettle corn!




Step Up

#DateYourSpouse - Movie Night At Home

(Yes, like the movie.)

One time, I set up our living room like a movie theater.  I put blankets and sheets on all the windows to make it dark like a theater.  Then, I invited my husband downstairs and gave him a list of snacks that I wanted him to grab while I “ran to the bathroom” before the movie.  I dashed into the kitchen and threw on a blazer and pretended to be a movie theater concessionist asking what he would like for the movie.  He “bought” our movie treats (I think I made him pay with a kiss or something silly), and he went off to the living room to “find us seats”.  I then returned from the bathroom just as our movie started to enjoy.

You can get as simple or as crazy with this one as you would like!  The point is, to have fun and enjoy spending time together!

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