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I'm Amber, a Harry Potter obsessed wedding and brand photographer for those who are anything but ordinary based in Phoenix, Arizona.

When I don't have a camera in my hand, you can find me hiking with my husband, snuggling pups, or planning my next Disney trip.






Clean Eating – Week 2

If I had to sum up this week, it would be “ALL of the dishes”. I swear, it felt like the dishes were never ending. We had to cook all our own grains, so that gave us a ton of pots and the instapot to clean. Then we prepped all of our lunches. So, we had those containers to hand wash (vs I usually just put plates from my lunches in the dish washer). Lastly, we had no grab-and-go snacks. Everything required prep of some sort. So we are going through all our knives and small plates just for snacks. I got so desperate to get out from under the dishes pile that I put things we would normally hand wash (like our pots and Tupperware) into the dishwasher. I think I ran two loads in one day.

Fresh berries for a Sedona picnic engagement session by PMA Photography.

Gym Life

We went to the gym this week. Only twice, but still more than last week. We could not take and pre or post workout supplements because of sugars and lots of additives I did not want to research. I did not mind not having the pre-workout. But I was bummed about the post-workout. Normally I either do a Hydrate and Recover (electrolytes and BCAA’s) or a Vega protein shake.

To help replace my electrolytes after the workout I squeezed a lemon into a glass with a pinch of salt and some water. It was great for that, but did nothing for my soreness. My muscles had a hard time recovering.

Wedding Day

This was the one cheat meal I had all month. I had corn and cabbage tacos with artichoke and a small salad. I am sure the salad dressing had sugar, but it didn’t seem to ‘un-clean’ other than that. I had lots of clean snacks on hand to get me through the day and made sure to eat a big meal before I left. I wasn’t even hungry, but was shoving food in my mouth because I knew I needed the fuel for later. The snacks I brought were Trader Joe’s fruit bars, Nut & See Larabars, and blueberry Larabars.

The day after the wedding, I had a huge wedding hang-over. If you do not work weddings, you may not be familiar with this. It is not from us getting super drunk at the wedding and having a hang-over. It is from us standing and literally running around all day and probably not drinking enough water. I spent all of Sunday on the couch not wanting to do an-y-thing. It is the most exhausted I have felt after a wedding in ages.

Now, I cannot say this was 100% because of clean eating, because it was the first hot, sunny wedding day of the season. But I did drink my entire 32 ounce hydroflask and had to refill it. My dinner and snacks were not super protein packed. And I didn’t have my Hydrate and Recover post-workout when I got home from the wedding.

End of Week

This week I lost another pound. And my husband double that. I swear, there is some truth to that joke about a guy giving up soda and losing 10 pounds and the lady losing 1. Anyways, we are halfway there! Woot, woot! I am a little nervous about how I am going to feel getting back to a regular diet after this. But I am sure a lot of my new habits will stick.



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