Mar 27, 2018

How to Choose A Wedding Photographer

How to choose a wedding photographer. Wedding planning tips by PMA Photography.
How to choose a wedding photographer. Wedding planning tips by PMA Photography.How to choose your wedding photography by Amber of PMA Photography.

When you first start looking at wedding photographers, it can be overwhelming.  Especially in a place like Phoenix where there are so many to choose from!  You may start your search with looking through pages and pages of photographers on Wedding Wire, The Knot, or Google.  Or maybe you ask for suggestions for wedding photographers on Facebook.  Be prepared to still receive a ton of suggestions there too.  As you are looking through all the profiles and websites, know there is light at the end of the tunnel!  Your wedding photographer is out there!  And I am here to help you narrow down your choices until you find the one.  Here are the top things to consider when looking for a photographer for your wedding.

Bride and Groom in front of tree at Schnepf Farms Farmhouse by wedding photographer PMA Photography.

Editing Style

There are many different photography styles.  Wedding photographers in Arizona range from dark and moody to light and airy and everything in between.  Look at different photographers to see what style you and your fiancé are both drawn to.  If you have a wedding inspiration board on Pinterest, this can be a helpful tool to see what style you are drawn to.

Posing Style

Style goes beyond just editing.  There are many different posing styles out there as well.  Do you want the traditional wedding images or do you want more candid images?  Or maybe a mix of both!  Look at the poses a photographer is showing on their website and, even better, on their blog.  If you like what you see, ask them about their posing style and how they get those images to see if their posing style something you and your fiancé are comfortable with.

Bride and groom looking at each other on wedding day by Phoenix wedding photographer PMA Photography.


If you are comparing multiple wedding photographers, be sure to look at what is included in their price, not just the price at face value.  For example, one photographer may charge $2,500 for 6 hours of coverage, one photographer, and 300 images.  While another photographer may charge $2,500 for 8 hours of coverage with two photographers and 600 images.  Another thing to look for is if digital files are included.  Some photographers may charge more for the digital files.  Also look to see if a wedding album is included and what size that wedding album is.  (For more information on wedding albums, check out my blog post: Product Feature: Wedding Albums.)

Blog/Social Media

Is the photographer active on social media or their personal blog?  Instagram and Facebook are the most popular social media platforms for photographer.  If they have not posted within the last month, that may be a red flag.  But most have a blog on their website as well.  If they have not made a blog post in 6 months, that may be a red flag.  Maybe they have not been working recently.  Or maybe they are too busy to post, which may indicate that they may not give you the most attentive service.  This may not make or break your decision to choose that photographer, but it is something to keep in mind.

Wedding photographers Amber and Jenn of PMA Photography doing a selfie with bride and groom on their wedding day.


I highly suggest that you meet with your photographer before booking them.  If you cannot meet in person, you can always Skype or Facetime!  You will be spending more time with your photographer than even your fiancé on your wedding day, so it is important that both you and your fiancé get along with your photographer.  Everyone has different personalities and personality preferences, and that is OK!  I know I have a bubbly personality and that is not everyone’s jam.  And that is OK!  The important thing at the end of the day is that you enjoy being around your wedding photographer, so you can fully enjoy your wedding day.


Once you have found a photographer that you think would be a good fit, be sure to get in touch with them!  They will likely send you an email back or even a quick phone call.  Set up times for you and your fiance to meet with your top 1 – 3 photographers.  And then, choose who you both liked the best and was the best fit for your wedding day!  That’s it!  You booked your wedding photographer!

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