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I'm Amber, a Harry Potter obsessed wedding and brand photographer for those who are anything but ordinary based in Phoenix, Arizona.

When I don't have a camera in my hand, you can find me hiking with my husband, snuggling pups, or planning my next Disney trip.






Bride and Groom share a kiss during their The Ice House wedding by Arizona wedding photographer PMA Photography.

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You know that you should be blogging your weddings and sessions.  Blogging shortly after the wedding or session helps to create a stellar client experience.  Blogging your weddings and sessions help your SEO ranking (which means more clicks, which means more inquiries, which means more bookings!).  But, during the busy wedding season when you have weddings every weekend, it can be hard to keep on top of it all. And one of the first things to fall to the wayside is blogging.  (I know, I have been there!)

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How to Keep Up On Blogging During Busy Wedding Season

Wedding ceremony at The Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch by Arizona wedding photographer PMA Photography.

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Blogging is a great way to help your ranking for SEO!  Not only does frequent blogging let search engines know that your website is current, you can use it to show search engines you are an authority in your area.  Now, showing search engines you are the authority on weddings in your region takes a bit of strategy behind it.  

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15 Wedding Photography Blog Topics for SEO

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Is this you?  You signed up for Pinterest, created a board, and started pinning from the home page.  Maybe you have a few pins from your own website, but you are not updating the description for Pinterest.  You have one board for your business, a board for business tips, a board for inspiration for your office, and a board for recipes.  Sound familiar? Then this post is for you! Pinterest is a massive search engine.  So, it is time we start optimizing our content on Pinterest.  I promise, it is not that hard! It will only take you a few hours to update your profile and an extra minute per pin!  These few changes will literally skyrocket your monthly views and engagement on Pinterest.

Arizona Brand Photography

Pinterest SEO to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic

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How many wedding photographers are in your area?  I am betting a lot. Endless pages of them to compete against in a simple google search.  It can be difficult to rank in these broad searches like “Phoenix Wedding Photographer”. But what if you could reach couples through SEO in another way?  Instead of fighting against hundreds of other photographers, you are competing against a handful (if any) to be shown. You have a pretty great chance of ranking in the first 3 pages, if not on the first page.  Added bonus, you are still reaching those couples who are actively planning their wedding. I have received countless inquiries and booked many weddings from a blog post I did for a venue I previously photographed.

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How to Consistently Rank For Venue Searches

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Using a scheduling app for Pinterest is key.  I tried doing it myself, and it was extremely time consuming.  I had a secret board where I pinned all my pins. Then, I had a reminder on my phone so I could pin multiple times a day.  When the reminder would go off, I would pin a handful of random pins to my public boards. But, what was most time consuming, was pinning each individual pin to the secret board.  So, when I found Tailwinds, it was amazing! I was able to reduce the time I spent pinning, pin more, and grow my traffic like crazy!

Arizona Brand Photography

Using Tailwind to Schedule Your Pinterest

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