December 11, 2018

Alternate Title: It’s like rain on your wedding day.  (Because I could not miss an opportunity to quote Alanis Morissette.)  

It does not rain often here in Arizona, so when it does we tend to think the sky is falling.  But thankfully, rain does not have to ruin your wedding day. In fact, I think rainy wedding days in Arizona are fun!  How many other people will have those amazing clouds in their wedding portraits? If you are getting married during the rainy season, here is how to prepare to make sure your day is amazing.

November 15, 2018

Corie & Joe had a fiesta themed wedding at The Farmhouse at Schnepf Farms.  They wanted to have a brightly colored Mexican/fiesta wedding that felt more like a big party than a formal wedding.  And that is exactly what their wedding was!

November 6, 2018

Ashley and Klay got married at the L’auberge de Sedona.  If this beautiful resort wasn’t beautiful enough with its log buildings, interior design that looks like Joanna Gaines herself designed it, and gorgeous greenery throughout the property, is nestled right next to the creek.  Talk about an absolute dreamy place to get married.

October 30, 2018

The best Halloween treat?  Pumpkin seeds. (Just kidding, it is for sure the candy!)  But I do love carving pumpkins and making homemade pumpkin seeds.  Here is Arizona, it is still pretty warm towards the end of October, so our pumpkins do not last long.  We are usually carving them the day before or the day of Halloween. So, making my own pumpkin seeds lets me keep the magic alive for just a little longer.

October 23, 2018

80% of weddings in Arizona are outdoor weddings.  Most commonly, an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception.  And, with an average of 299 days of sunshine, we need to make plans for the sun rather than the rain.  Between how versed we are with outdoor vendors and the fact that we need to plan for the sun more than the rain, I found that the general tips for outdoor weddings fall short for Arizona.  So, as a professional Arizona wedding photographer, I decided to make my own list to help the Arizona brides and grooms.

October 16, 2018

Lauren and Matt’s wedding was in the ever gorgeous downtown Flagstaff.  They planned to have their ceremony on the lawn of the courthouse, but the weather had other plans.  Luckily, these two had a resourceful bunch supporting them.  With a little flexibility and resilience, their wedding still went off without a hitch!

October 11, 2018

Sometimes, you just don’t have time to make it to the gym.  Or maybe you are new to this working out thing and don’t have a gym membership.  The former is what happened for my husband and I recently.  We were planning on going to the gym, but just didn’t have the time to squeeze in the drive and an entire workout.  The weather is lovely here in Arizona, so we headed out into the backyard to sneak in a quick workout.  After some body weight exercise, we took the dogs out on a quick walk around the neighborhood.  (And then planned to hit the gym the next morning, because my husband is a gym rat!)  At the end our of workout, we decided it was a great date night!  So I wanted to share my tips for a great backyard workout while the weather is still amazing.

October 9, 2018

Ashley and Dan’s wedding was in the beautiful North Scottsdale desert at Troon North.  The desert views from this venue are nothing short of amazing.  And these two brought the lovely cloudy weather from their engagement session to their wedding day.  Making for some amazing and unique desert portraits.

October 2, 2018

Venyse and Melvin were married at the Encanto Park Clubhouse in Phoenix.  There sunset ceremony overlooked the gorgeous lagoon at the park.  The Clubhouse is an amazing Spanish Mission Period Revival historic building.  Between the architecture of the Clubhouse and the enchanting trees surrounding the park, this place is a dreamy venue for a wedding.

Venyse and Melvin met on eHarmony and there first date was at a coffee shop.  They bonded over a love for Doctor Who and other SciFi movies and shows.  When they are not hanging out with their cat Oliver and rambunctious pup Roxi, they love traveling together!  There favorite place to visit is Amsterdam.

September 25, 2018

I have always had this dream of harvesting fruit from the wild and making gifts for my friends and family.   I really wanted to make prickly pear/blackberry jelly.  But, we were not able to find any blackberries this year, so Prickly Pear Jelly it is!  (You can read about our harvesting adventure here.)
Step 1: Removing Glochids
This was an adventure all in itself.  To make the jelly, first, you have to get all the glochids (tiny thorns) off.  The most common method is to burn it off.  The guys on youtube all use crazy torches, but I figured any fire would be fine.  Right?  Wrong.  We made a fire in our fire pit and grabbed our marshmallow roasters.  We stuck the prickly pears on and put them over the fire.  What happened is we just cooked the prickly pears and did not get the glochids off.  Good thing we only tried with a few.