September 11, 2018

Do you ever feel like you are seeing the same wedding over and over again on wedding blogs?  I do. That is why I love these 5 wedding blogs. Not only do they make a point to post a diverse array of couples and wedding styles, they have amazing articles to help plan your wedding!

September 8, 2018

I am so excited to share this amazing styled shoot with you.  It was put on by the ever lovely Moelleux Events and Meg Brooke Photography.  This “Walk in the Garden” shoot was held at Gather Estates.  This is an amazing venue if you are looking for a homey, backyard feel without having a wedding in your actual backyard!  It is a quaint white house with a huge grass yard big enough for a ceremony and reception.  Not to mention a huge pallet wall!

September 4, 2018

When you are looking for a wedding photographer, the biggest part of their packages is based on the hours of coverage for your wedding day.  So you may be wondering how many hours of coverage you really need. Do you really need a photographer for 8 hours or even 10? Well, it depends on what you would like captured by your photographer.  Here is what is most commonly documented by the hours of coverage.

August 30, 2018

Do you love Disney?  It’s hard not to now that Star Wars and Marvel are officially a part of Disney!  Do you want to show that love for Disney at your wedding? Many of my couples include touches of their love of Disney at their weddings.  It is a great way to bring something you and your fiance love into your wedding day. Here are some of my favorite ideas!

August 29, 2018

Today is my 15th anniversary with my husband.  That’s right, 15 years ago since this dude started talking to me about bands in a pool and held my hand while watching Finding Nemo.  I have known him exactly half of my life.  Since the day I met him his has encouraged me to follow my passions and inspired me to push myself to become a better person.  To celebrate the past 15 years, I wanted to share 15 pictures from our relationship.  Ready?  Let’s go!

August 23, 2018

Most venues will have getting ready suites for the bride.  But, a lot of the time you only have access to this room a few hours before your ceremony.  So, what do you do? And what if your venue does not have a place for the groom to get ready?  Don’t worry, this is actually pretty normal. Here are some options for where to get ready on your wedding day.

August 14, 2018

The unity ceremony is a common part of wedding ceremonies from all cultures.  It symbolizes the two individuals or families coming together as one. Before I got married, when I thought “unity ceremony” I immediately thought of the unity candle.  You know, the two small taper candles that the bride and groom use to light a fat candle. And that fat candle will sit in their house to collect dust and maybe even melt in Arizona!  But that is no longer the only option! There are many unique unity ceremonies from you to choose from (or create your own!). This is a great opportunity to personalize your wedding ceremony without breaking traditions.

August 9, 2018

Ashley and Dan met through mutual friends in San Diego.  They may have different accounts about how they first met, but one things is for sure, they are so glad that they did.  They love doing everything together: from traveling to camping to their annual trip to San Diego where they met.  Over the past five years they have built a life together with their Shepard mix Lucy and their son Abraham.

August 2, 2018

Cheslyne and Shane’s Flagstaff engagement session was absolutely magical.  They knew that they wanted to escape the summer heat and enjoy the beauty of Northern Arizona for their session.  We decided on a sunrise session on the Campbell Mesa Loop Trail.  So, with Dutch Bros in hand, I left the valley at a brisk 3:00 AM to head up the mountain to the trailhead.  And it was so worth it!  There is just something so magical about the rays from the morning sun shining through the pine trees.

July 10, 2018

As a wedding photographer, I think engagement sessions are an absolute must before your wedding.  So much so, that I have photographed an engagement session just two days before a wedding because the groom lived in Ireland!  But once you have done an engagement session, what do you do with the photos?  There are actually a lot of fun options!  Here are some of my favorites.