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I'm Amber, a Harry Potter obsessed wedding and brand photographer for those who are anything but ordinary based in Phoenix, Arizona.

When I don't have a camera in my hand, you can find me hiking with my husband, snuggling pups, or planning my next Disney trip.






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You are super pumped because you booked your branding session!  You are ready to show up in your business and absolutely kill it.  But, wait, what are you going to wear?! I have been there. Literally every time I have a session done, I panic and think that I have no clothes in my closet. (Seriously, what do I even wear on a daily basis?!)  But, that is simply not the case. While I do love buying a new top or accessory, I mostly use the clothes I already have in my closet. So, here are my tips on how to plan your outfits for your brand photo shoot.

Arizona Brand Photography

Planning Your Brand Photo Shoot Outfits

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If you are anything like me, you love your tattoos and you want to show them off on your wedding day. In fact, my husband and I exchanged tattoos for our wedding presents to each other. But, unless your tattoos are somewhere always visible like your hands or your neck, you may not be sure about how to show them off. That’s where I come in!

Wedding Planning Tips

How to Show Off Your Love for Tattoos At Your Wedding

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Is this you?  You signed up for Pinterest, created a board, and started pinning from the home page.  Maybe you have a few pins from your own website, but you are not updating the description for Pinterest.  You have one board for your business, a board for business tips, a board for inspiration for your office, and a board for recipes.  Sound familiar? Then this post is for you! Pinterest is a massive search engine.  So, it is time we start optimizing our content on Pinterest.  I promise, it is not that hard! It will only take you a few hours to update your profile and an extra minute per pin!  These few changes will literally skyrocket your monthly views and engagement on Pinterest.

Arizona Brand Photography

Pinterest SEO to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic

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How many wedding photographers are in your area?  I am betting a lot. Endless pages of them to compete against in a simple google search.  It can be difficult to rank in these broad searches like “Phoenix Wedding Photographer”. But what if you could reach couples through SEO in another way?  Instead of fighting against hundreds of other photographers, you are competing against a handful (if any) to be shown. You have a pretty great chance of ranking in the first 3 pages, if not on the first page.  Added bonus, you are still reaching those couples who are actively planning their wedding. I have received countless inquiries and booked many weddings from a blog post I did for a venue I previously photographed.

Photographer Tips

How to Consistently Rank For Venue Searches

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Jessica and Kirk fell in love with The Nile during a visit to Arizona.  When they mentioned it to me as a potential spot for their engagement session, I was super excited.  I spend many nights in the basement of the Nile with my husband attending concerts.  Many of which, his band played.  So, this is a super sentimental spot for me.  Adding sprinkles to this already amazing Sunday, they just updated the front of the coffee shop!  It is now super cute and was giving me some Paris bistro vibes.  (Full disclosure, I have never been to Paris…)

Engagement Sessions

Downtown Mesa Engagement | Mesa, AZ | Jessica & Kirk

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For Caitlin and Ryan’s engagement session, we headed to one of my favorite spots, Roosevelt Row.  We met up at Jobot where Ryan was able to sneak in a quick drink before we started their session.  The Palo Verde trees were in full bloom, so I could not resist starting our session there.  Then we continued to explore the arts district stopping at any art murals or industrial architecture that caught our eye.  We ended our session at one of my favorite greenery walls!

Engagement Sessions

Roosevelt Row Engagement | Phoenix, AZ | Caitlin & Ryan

Open Post

We finally did it! 30 days of clean eating in the books! I lost 6 pounds total and my husband lost over 10. I can alllllmost fit into the smaller size of jeans. But, I still consider it a win. Especially because I was eating as much as I wanted and didn’t hit the gym all that much this month.

Get to Know Me!

Clean Eating – Week 4

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Using a scheduling app for Pinterest is key.  I tried doing it myself, and it was extremely time consuming.  I had a secret board where I pinned all my pins. Then, I had a reminder on my phone so I could pin multiple times a day.  When the reminder would go off, I would pin a handful of random pins to my public boards. But, what was most time consuming, was pinning each individual pin to the secret board.  So, when I found Tailwinds, it was amazing! I was able to reduce the time I spent pinning, pin more, and grow my traffic like crazy!

Arizona Brand Photography

Using Tailwind to Schedule Your Pinterest

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Heather and Nick love exploring new restaurants and coffee shops.  So, when I suggested Roosevelt Row as a possible spot for their engagement session, they went to explore downtown Phoenix.  They scoped out a few great new spots for their session.  We started at this cool bar Bitter and Twisted cocktail parlor.  After a quick drink, we walked over to an awesome staircase near The Arrogant Butcher.  Then we jumped in the car to head over to Jobot!

Engagement Sessions

Downtown Phoenix Engagement | Phoenix, AZ | Heather & Nick

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The finish line in eye site! Just one week left and we are almost there! I don’t have a theme for this week. Maybe cravings? But they didn’t overtake my life or anything. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” maybe? Because this week was really all about the pre-planning to make sure that we stayed on top of our game.

Get to Know Me!

Clean Eating – Week Three

My Adventure Book