Your wedding day is about you and your partner celebrating your love with your closest family and friends.  When you look back on your wedding photos and video you both deserve to remember all the special moments you had throughout the day.  That is why we spend equal time with both our brides and grooms for every wedding we photograph.

On your wedding day you need someone who will be there to keep a positive outlook, be adaptable to all situations, and make mom happy.  Basically, you need a ride-or-die, and were your team!

Positive Mental Attitude

I've got  that  PMA

We're Amber and Josh Kirchner, a Phoenix, Arizona based wedding photography and videography duo for couples who want fun and authentic wedding photography and videography. 

We believe in marrying your best friend, laughing until you cry, and capturing the genuine moments of your wedding day.  We are there to be a partner in the planning process, get pumped about the personal touches of your day, and help you feel relaxed and natural in front of the camera.

Oh Heyyy

meet Amber & Josh

I was a tattooed bride planning a Harry Potter inspired wedding while a celebrity wedding planner was literally covering bride‚Äôs tattoos on national TV.  I quickly realized our biggest struggle in finding a wedding photographer we trusted was that we did not see ourselves in any of the photographs on their websites.

That is when I decided I would be a catalyst for change in the wedding industry. I would be a wedding photographer that accepted and celebrated everyone for who they are.

I set out to create a wedding photography business that broke the mold of the traditional wedding photographer. A business that took pride in two things: diversity and equality.

Today, we are pumped to be a photo and video team for rad couples who celebrate not only their love for each other, but their unique personalities and cultures with their weddings.


We met when we were teenagers and I have officially known Josh for more than half of my life! We are truly best friends and love exploring the mountains together, mandatory lazy days, and laughing until we cry.

I married My Best Friend

We toasted with butter beer, had custom wands for our bridal party, and ate Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. Our honeymoon was spend drinking Butterbeer at the Wizarding World.

And The WEdding Was Harry Potter Themed

We am always down for a hike whether that is for backpacking trip, an engagement session, or and elopement!  When we are not in the mountains, Amber can often be found barefoot in our backyard.  (Josh prefers wearing his slippers.)

WE love spending time in the mountains

These guys keep our daily lives interesting, that's for sure!  In the summer of 2020, we welcome our little monkey Juniper into our family.  When we are not trying to make her laugh, we are trying to keep her and Stormy out of trouble!

Our Fun little family

We take an annual trip to Disneyland every year. Usually around December (as you can see by Amber's Christmas sweater). And, yes, we have officially met Mary Poppins and Bert. Eat your heart out.

We are suckers for Disneyland

my life in pictures