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2018 – Personal Goals for the New Year

As many of you know, I quit my job at the end of last year.  My personal life and health had been thrown through the ringer last year working essentially two full time jobs.  But this is my year to fix all that.  So here are my personal goals for 2018.

Hike the Grand Canyon

I love backpacking with my husband.  But we have not been able to do anything more than a weekend trip because all my vacation time was used to photograph weddings, attend conferences, and other photography related things.  Now that I can actually take vacations, I am ready to hike the Grand Canyon!  Well, almost.  I need to get back into hiking shape first!

Workout 3 times a week

Gym time was one of the first things to be cut when I was feeling the crunch of all my responsibilities.  Which was really unfortunate because I love lifting weights.  Like, a lot.  I am team #nobreaks and I just want to get in and lift as many weights with as little rest as possible.  Point is, I love my gym time and I will be getting back into the gym with my husband 3 times a week!

Yoga, yoga, and more yoga

The second thing to be cut was my yoga practice.  (Though me and my friends joke that if we are breathing we are doing yoga!)  My ultimate goal is to do yoga every day.  But, I know that if I try that all at once I will be a crazy person.  So we are going to start with 20 minutes 2 times a week in my house and go from there.  If by the end of the year I can be back into building strength and practicing for headstands and arm stands, I will be a happy camper.

Read 12 books

I will give myself a pass and include audio books in this one!  After all, I am still trying to transition and figure out how to build my best life!  (Also read as, how to be productive in my downtime vs watching Netflix and Hulu).  As an adult, I have loved reading.  But I have not had a great opportunity to read in the past few years.  So, I turned to audio books while I was on my drives.  The only problem is, not all the books I want to read are available as audio books!  So now that I have more time back in my life, I want to read more books.  Here is what is on the top of my list: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, The Purple Cow, The E Myth Revisited, Dracula, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, and You Are A Badass At Making Money.  I am also open to any suggestions!

Is There Something Missing?

After looking at these goals, it looks like my theme for this year is health.  Becoming healthy and active again.  I also look at these goals and feel like on paper there is something huge missing.  My husband.  But the truth is, he is in there!  In the backpacking goals and the working out goals (we love going to the gym together).  And we already have a super strong relationship and mandatory weekly date nights.  So, it is not that he is being left out of my 2018 goals, but that it is more of a ‘maintain course ahead’ for him and I.

So there it is.  Three simple but huge goals for 2018.  I am so excited to see what other surprises 2018 has for me and what other goals I will create as the year goes on.  Because, the calendar year is a great time reflect and set new goals.  But, I do not limit myself to the new year for self improvement and growth.  That can happen at any time.

What are you goals for 2018?!  Any tips on how I can achieve my goals?  Comment below!

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Get to Know Me!

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