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We're Amber & Josh, a Harry Potter obsessed wedding and brand photographery and videography team for those who are anything but ordinary based in Phoenix, Arizona.

When we don't have our cameras in hand, you can find us hiking, snuggling our daughter and pups, or planning our next Disney trip.






12 Days of Christmas Movies

My husband and I love the Christmas season.  After we eat Thanksgiving dinner, we start the season by going out to the stores to buy Christmas presents on Black Friday.  After a full night of shopping, we take a 4 hour nap before decorating the Christmas tree.  Our house is decorated with the 6 bins of decorations by the end of the weekend.  While we are decorating the tree, we start our binge watching of Christmas movies!

#DateYourSpouse - Goodbye Christmas Day by PMA Photography

We watch so many Christmas movies over the season, but here are our top 12 favorites:

  • Elf – This was our first date.  Naturally, we watch this many times and quote it all year long.
  • Christmas Vacation – Another movie we quote all year long.  Seriously.  But don’t skip the cartoon intro, that is one of my husband’s favorite parts.
  • Santa Clause – We have the box set.  Tim Allen is amazing.
  • Christmas With The Cranks – Speaking of Tim Allen, my husband will watch this on repeat.
  • Family Stone – I can only watch this one once a season, because I cry like a baby.
  • Arthur Christmas – Just yes.  All of the yes.  Don’t mind Techno Tommy texting on his calculator.
  • Home Alone – 1 & 2.  Merry Christmas you fifthly animal.
  • The Night Before – Adult Christmas movie with Seth Rogan and JGL?  Yes, please!
  • Love Actually – One of my all time favorites (not so much for Josh).  So, I watch this while wrapping his Christmas presents.
  • Four Christmases – As someone who has to visit many houses for the holidays, I often dream of taking a vacation instead.
  • Why Him – I love this one so much.
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas – Jim Carey, need I say  more?

There you have it.  All the movies we watch every year.  But we also make time for Christmas specials of our favorite tv shows and other new/classic movies.  Like Edward Scissorhands, Rise of the Guardians, Jingle All the Way, Gremlins, Nightmare Before Christmas and so on.  What is your favorite Christmas movie?  Comment below.

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Get to Know Me!

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