Nov 14, 2017

Getting Married Without Your Mother or Father

Getting Married Without Your Mother or Father

There are many reasons one may find themselves without one or both of their parents on their wedding day.  Maybe they passed before you got married.  Or you and/or your family is estranged from them.  Or maybe they have an illness and cannot be the center of attention with you.  Maybe you never knew your mother or your father.  Whatever the reason may be, it is more common than you think to be without one of your parents on your wedding day.  But with many of the wedding traditions revolving around your parents, it may have you wondering how to navigate these parts of your wedding day.  Don’t worry!  There are tons of ways you can adapt these traditions to make your wedding day perfect.

Walking Down the Aisle

If you do not have your father to walk you down the aisle, you still have many options.  You can have another family member walk you down the aisle, like your mom, brother, grandpa, etc.  Or you can have another person who was a father figure in you life growing up walk you down the aisle.  Or your future spouse’s father, they are becoming your father-in-law after all.  Another option is to walk down the aisle with your future spouse or even by yourself!

Wedding Ceremony at the Farmhouse at Schenpf Farms in Queen Creek Arizona

Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dance Alternatives

Another tradition that calls for a parent is the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances.  Much like walking down the aisle, you can have another family member join you on the dance floor.  Or you can have a dance in your parent’s honor.  Share a dance with your spouse and have the DJ ask your friends and family to join along.

Remembering Your Parent On Your Wedding Day

If you parent, or another close family member, has passed before your wedding, you may want to honor them on your wedding day.  There are many ways that you can do this.  One of the most common ways is to have an area at the reception with pictures of the family members and a sign or remembrance.  You can also carry something to remember them by on your wedding day.  This can be a piece of jewelry in your bouquet, a handkerchief in your pocket, or a picture of them.  Another way to remember your parent on your wedding day is to leave a seat for them at your ceremony.  You can put a sign, ribbon, or even a flower to mark their spot.


It can be difficult to navigate wedding traditions if your parent will not be at your wedding.  I hope that these alternatives will help you make your wedding day amazing!  Just know that you are not alone and many couples before you have navigated these traditions and alternatives.

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