Aug 24, 2017

#DateYourSpouse – Wedding Planning Date

I suppose the title of this weeks post would more accurately be called: Date Your Future Spouse!  Helping each other plan your wedding is a great way to spend time together during your engagement.  Bonus: if you are both involved throughout the process, you will be able to create the dream wedding you both want!  It’s a win all around!  Without further ado, here are my top tips for making planning your wedding together fun!


Wedding Planning Date

Having planning dates with just the two of your are beneficial throughout the planning process.  You will want to touch base frequently to make sure you are on the same page and to delegate the tasks accordingly.  These can be especially helpful when you are brainstorming what your wedding will be like, writing your vows or ceremony, determining the roles of your friends and family members for the big day, and just to touch base on the tasks that still need to be completed.

Depending on what stage in the process you are in, determine what you want to accomplish on your planning date.  Then grab your wedding binder (or laptop) and your fiance and head out to your favorite coffee shop.  I suggest having this date at a more casual establishment, so that you do not feel rushed to leave and can spend time working out whatever you need to.  If you want more of a traditional date, go to a restaurant first and then have desert at a coffee or froyo shop!



Meeting with Vendors

Meeting with your vendors is a great opportunity to spend time with your future spouse!  And a great way to make sure they are included in the important decision making process.  The vendors I suggest meeting with together are: wedding planners, venues, photographers, DJs, and bakers.  Testing cakes and other treats together is a mini-date night in itself!

You can also make this into more of a traditional date night by planning something fun to do after you meet with a vendor.  I always encourage my couples to go out for dinner or drinks after an engagement session!  You are already spending time together, so why not continue doing something fun into the night?  Or, you can grab dinner/lunch before heading to a cake tasting and make that your desert!



Non-Traditional Date Night Ideas

But what if you are having a more non-traditional wedding?  Well, you can alter the suggestions a bit to fit your wedding.  For example, if your aunt is making your cake, still have a taste test with her!  Still not sealing the deal for you?  Here are some alternate ideas for wedding date nights for your non-traditional wedding:

  • Build something for your wedding decorations together.  (Wedding arch anybody?)
  • Go on a hike and write your wedding vows next to each other with an amazing view.
  • Wedding Craft Night!  Tackle one of your wedding crafts together: making program, addressing invitations, creating centerpieces, etc.
  • Go wine tasting to pick a bottle of wine to celebrate your elopement.
  • Set up an aisle in your yard and train your dog how to walk down the aisle.
  • Tour local breweries for potential reception spots.
  • Go into the woods and gather natural supplies (flowers, dried branches, leaves, etc.) to decorate your ceremony/reception space.
  • Infuse your own liquor for a specialty drink at your reception.
  • Go to thrift stores together to find vintage pieces for your wedding.
  • Go to the store and try out new perfumes/colognes and choose a signature sent for your wedding day. (Then wear those perfumes/colognes only on your anniversary and other special occasions!)
  • Create your wedding playlist together.
  • Take a wood burning class so you can make signs for your wedding.


There you have it!  Tons of ideas on how to have wedding planning date nights and to make planning your wedding with your fiance fun!  Want more tips for creating an amazing wedding day?  Click here for more Wedding Tips!

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