Aug 15, 2017

Why Photographers Love Wedding Planners

Hey all I’m here to tell you, I LOVE Wedding Planners!  (And not just because I thought I wanted to be a wedding planner, until I planned my own wedding and realized I like planning small parties but not huge events.)  It is because they make my job as a wedding photographer run so much more smoothly!

You may not be aware, but without a wedding planner, the wedding day coordination details often fall on the shoulders of the photographer.  While I am more than happy to do anything for my couples on their wedding day, I am able to do my best work when the only hat I wear on the day is that of photographer.


The Go To Person

Wedding planners will be your go to person for the wedding day.  Not you, or a family member, or your photographer.  If anyone has any questions or issues that come up, they will go to your wedding planner first.  This frees up time for you and your family to relax and focus on getting ready for the day.  And it allows me to take un-interrupted pictures of you looking relaxed and refreshed getting ready!

Keep Everyone On Schedule

During the wedding day, there are many groups of people that need to be coordinated to make sure the day runs smoothly.  Here are some examples the planner will take care of to make sure the photography timeline stays, well, on time.

  • Makes sure the bridal party meets at the correct location and time for pictures after the first look.
  • Ensures the reception is set up 30 minutes before the ceremony so it can be photographed.
  • Coordinates guests for the grand exit.

Stress Free Couples

A wedding day can be stressful enough without worrying if the flowers were delivered or if the reception was set up correctly.  A wedding planner will take the reins starting just before the wedding.  They will make sure the vendors know when to get to the venue, that the cake doesn’t melt on a warm day, and so much more.  You know your wedding will be in good hands with a great planner.

When you are not stressed out about the details of your wedding day, you can enjoy spending your precious time with your friends, family, and new spouse!  You can throw yourself into the emotions of your day.  This will create beautiful images and moments for me to capture.


To sum up why I love wedding planners:

Wedding Planners = Less Stress =More Beautiful, Genuine Photographs


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