February 2, 2018

Ingrid and Scott are getting married in the beautiful Flagstaff this year.  So, they wanted a different feel for their engagement session.  Enter: Sedona.  I told them about two locations in Sedona (Oak Creek and Bell Rock).  They decided to go with the more desert and beautiful red rock backdrop of Bell Rock.  And I […]

January 25, 2018

You guys!  I did it!  I put together my first styled shoot!  It was so much fun but also a ton of work.  It was one of  my goals for 2017 and I am so thankful that I was able to do this shoot just before Christmas!  I definitely learned a lot and am so much more excited to do another one in the future.  You may be scratching your head wondering what a styled shoot is.  A styled shoot is when wedding vendors get together and put on a ‘fake’ wedding to photograph.  It can be as simple as just having a bride and groom or have a full ceremony area, reception table, and bridal party!

January 18, 2018

If you have not checked out my blog post about my goals from 2017, go do that now!  It explains how I found my goals being completed by the end of the year because I put them into the universe and let my heart be open to different ways of them being accomplished.  So, in the spirit of reaching goals, I am putting my 2018 goals out there for the world to see!  Here are my top business goals for 2018.

January 4, 2018

I had some lose goals for 2017 but nothing concrete.  Then I wrote them down on a chalkboard and hung it in my office.  You know what happened?  I reached almost all of my goals without realizing it!  I found this so powerful that I wanted to share my goals and how they were achieved.  (Because, honestly, it was not in the way I originally planned!)  I will also be sharing my 2018 goals on my blog.  Because if you put it out there, it will happen!

December 14, 2017

My husband and I love the Christmas season.  After we eat Thanksgiving dinner, we start the season by going out to the stores to buy Christmas presents on Black Friday.  After a full night of shopping, we take a 4 hour nap before decorating the Christmas tree.  Our house is decorated with the 6 bins of decorations by the end of the weekend.  While we are decorating the tree, we start our binge watching of Christmas movies!  We watch so many Christmas movies over the season, but here are our top 12 favorites:

December 8, 2017

Lindsay and Eric had spent many date nights at The Newton since it opened.  The Newton was so happy to have their wedding there!  They even had the cutest chalk signs done for them in the bookstore!

We did their first look in a private alley way behind the venue.  We had such a great time exploring around the venue and inside of the bookstore for their portraits.  These two love craft beers, so we also had to grab them a drink at the bar during their portraits!

After the bridal party pictures and family pictures, it was time for the ceremony!  Their ceremony was short and sweet.  The highlight of the ceremony was their vows.  During Lindsay’s vows, she said something about her being the funny one in their relationship.  During Eric’s vows, he mentioned that Lindsay said something about being the funny one!  How could he know?!  The room was full of amazement and laughter.  After a ring exchange and a kiss, they were finally husband and wife!

November 23, 2017

This Thanksgiving I wanted to pop in and say what I am Thankful for this year!  So lets jump into it so I can jump into a plate of food!

November 14, 2017

There are many reasons one may find themselves without one or both of their parents on their wedding day.  Maybe they passed before you got married.  Or you and/or your family is estranged from them.  Or maybe they have an illness and cannot be the center of attention with you.  Maybe you never knew your mother or your father.  Whatever the reason may be, it is more common than you think to be without one of your parents on your wedding day.  But with many of the wedding traditions revolving around your parents, it may have you wondering how to navigate these parts of your wedding day.  Don’t worry!  There are tons of ways you can adapt these traditions to make your wedding day perfect.

November 10, 2017

Sheryl and Socorro got married in Socorro’s Uncle’s beautiful backyard in Mesa.  These two are some of the most in love people I have met.  Which is quite funny, because when they first met, Socorro wasn’t too sure about Sheryl.  But after time, their friendship blossomed into a wonderful relationship.  Now they enjoy spending all of their time together and taking day trips to Northern Arizona.

November 7, 2017

There are so many things that can happy on a wedding day.  From bad breath from lunch time snacks to split zippers on bridesmaid’s dresses.  You cannot prevent or plan for everything, but a Wedding Day Emergency Kit can help!  There are plenty of people who sell pre-made wedding day emergency kits!  And they are hella cute!  But if you are looking to DIY yours, here is a great list of things to include.